Orby Gel Ball Gun

  • $75.00

Introducing the ORBY GUN! An all new firing system that will change the way you shoot forever! Now with increased ranged and the worlds most affordable ammo, the Orby Gun boasts a patented firing and ammo system using hydrated rounds that burst on impact. The ammunition is water-based so the mess that is left behind evaporates and disappears both indoors and out. The Orby Gun can carry 150 rounds of ammo which can be reloaded in seconds. It also shoots about 6 bullets per second up to 50 far with its fully automatic firing system. With H2Grow Ammo Technology you have the power to create hundreds of soft gel-like rounds that explode on impact, simply by adding water. Parents love them because they are safe and environmentally friendly. Children love them because they are awesome!

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